Help! My Manager Is Stealing My Clients & Sales


In the current week’s version of Well, This Happened, the arrangement that gives you a chance to turn into a lifelong mentor, we handle a work environment predicament from Taylor. Do you think you realize how to answer this AWKWARD circumstance? We should discover…

Taylor composes:

All things considered, THIS HAPPENED… Over the most recent a half year, I found another line of work at a retail location that is exclusively commission-based. This is my first deals work. I’ve been learning a ton yet at the same time have bounty to learn. Be that as it may, I’m driven and have been getting a charge out of the work generally.

There’s a framework set up that enables us to keep deals even between the group. That way, there isn’t only one individual taking the majority of the deals. Appears to be entirely reasonable, correct? All things considered, it was until my store chief begun pulling some obscure strategies…

Half a month back, she began “taking” deals from other colleagues. It’s come to the heart of the matter where I’m scarcely profiting when that I work with her.

At the point when clients go to our store, they can demand to work with a particular partner. She’s exploiting this framework by guaranteeing most clients are there to see her.

This is truly harming me and different deals partners. I’ve come to understand that, the greater part the time, she doesn’t know these individuals. She’s simply accepting my open door to sell before the client is even in the store.

Subsequently, I barely get any odds to sell during my works day.

She’s simply the store chief in any case, since I’m so new, I’m stressed over revealing her to the General Manager. What would it be a good idea for me to do in this circumstance? Would it be advisable for me to talk up or simply begin searching for another activity?

This isn’t simple to manage. Taylor needs to adjust his profession while managing a predominant who is showing obscure and amateurish conduct.

We’ve concocted four potential approaches to deal with this circumstance.

In the event that you were Taylor, how might you answer this inquiry? Tell us by voting in favor of one of the alternatives beneath.

A – Confront the director before different partners so they can back you up

B – Do nothing. She’ll get what’s going to her in the long run

C – Anonymously mail a letter the General Manager itemizing the obscure practices of your store chief

D – Start searching for another activity

To Be Continued…

Make certain to inquire in the not so distant future for our subsequent video that will recap the choices and uncover what the correct one is.

Good karma!


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