YIKES! How To Handle Your Manager Stealing Clients & Sales


This week on Well This Happened, we talked about Taylor’s unbalanced work environment issue.

Taylor as of late began an occupation at a retail location that is exclusively commission-based. He’s truly enjoying it, and learning a ton about deals.

Be that as it may, his energy for the activity began to decay when the store chief began taking customers from him and other colleagues.

These strategies are harming Taylor and his associates, since they aren’t profiting when they work with this administrator.

Since Taylor is so new to the organization, he’s uncertain about whether to report his chief, or proceed onward to an alternate occupation.

This is a predicament to be in. Managing a predominant who is taking an interest in obscure work conduct can be testing, particularly when you’re new to the organization.

Not long ago, we asked how you would deal with this circumstance. Did you surmise accurately?


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